Tuesday, June 3, 2008

4 New Chicks, Others Getting Big-Girl Feathers!

Because three of my silkies that I got from a local breeder died so young she replaced them for me. I picked them up yesterday. I asked her for some "started" chicks this time so that they had a better chance of being healthy. Because she only had two "colored" silky babies she gave me two cochin babies as a bonus! So now instead of three new babies I have four! They are all about 5 days old. Here are some pictures of them from their first few hours home.

Black Cochin & Splash/Partridge Silkie
Black Cochin Getting a Drink
Black Silkie


The older babies look so BIG next to the new ones! I didn't realize how much they had grown!

Older White Cochin
Check out the red chest feathers!
This one looks like she'll be silver
Big Feet & LONG Legs!
HEY! WAKE UP!The replacement chicks from the hatchery shipped out yesterday! They'll be here any day now!can't wait to see those babies next to their older relatives! It's AMAZING how fast they grow!!

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