Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pani's Mini-Coop

I was really getting tired of Pani's little dog crate house, so I decided to turn the old table saw table that we had into a little mini-coop for her! I used the old metal table frame, some scrap plywood, some roofing paper, old tin sheeting and a piece of semi transparent fiberglass... I think it came out pretty nicely! Eventually I'm planning on using this for a "Silkie Love-Shack!" so I thought the love bird artwork was fitting. (As is the tin roof... if anyone remembers the lyrics to "Love Shack"!!)

The other chicks love to nap underneath the mini-coop. They spend a lot of time under there in the afternoon when the sun is shining from that direction.


sugarcreekstuff said...

Chickens and scrounging??? My kind of gal.

Kelly said...

Hahaha! If you look farther back at the post about building my big coop and the run I "scrounged" all of that material too! I'm a BIG "recycler". I think I bought one 2x3 board for part of the fence and that was IT! (Oh, and the paint...) It's all about finding crud and turning into gold! :P