Monday, June 16, 2008

We Have An Egg!!!

Panyah laid her first egg today! I was working on her new mini-coop and glanced over into her run... There is was... sitting in the dirt in the middle of the run! I was so excited!!!! I don't think she knew what was happening.. this is her first egg.

The shell is VERY thin but normally a hens first egg is small and odd in some way. She is a bantam chicken so her eggs will be smaller than other "normal" chickens anyway. I think she stepped on it which is why it's dented. When I picked it up it was very soft and felt like it wanted to collapse. I've given her some oyster shells in her food and am going to the feed store ASAP to get her some "big girl" food (AKA: layer pellets). They have more calcium than normal chicken scratch or grower feed.



cajunlizz said...

Awwww wow ... congrats . Actually looks like a potato . I read where they should start on laying pellets a week or so if possible before they start laying . Mine have a mixture offered .... growing and laying . THEY better not have any excuses .

Kelly said...

I really had no idea when she was going to start laying and I was scared of giving her too much calcium before she needed it (also a bad thing!)... I'm just glad she has started laying! At least I'm getting SOMETHING out of this! Haha!

Her second egg was harder than this one and I ran out and got her layer pellets ASAP! Of course since then she laid 5 eggs and quit! I think her body is still trying to figure all of this out :)