Friday, September 5, 2008

Ok, even I think this is ridiculous...

Pet Your Chicken Over the Internet. Literally.

Before anything else is said, we feel obligated to state the obvious: This is the single greatest technology ever created. Now moving on...

The geniuses at Mixed Reality Lab, Singapore, have devised away to provide your pet poultry with all the TLC it can handle, from wherever it is you might be. Simply put, they have made it possible to pet your chicken/rooster while away from home. How is this possible? We're soooooo glad you asked.

Essentially, this is an advanced, two-part cybernetics system that uses both visualization and tactile sensation to achieve its goal.

Part one is the office system. This consists of a "doll" (model chicken) which moves around on a mechanical positioning table. The doll moves around according to the actual chicken's movements in its respective location(your home, backyard, etc). The owner pets the doll. This leads us to part two.

Part two consists of a "pet dress" worn by the chicken which actually transmits tactile sensations to the chicken when the doll at your office is petted. When you pet the doll at your office, the chicken in your backyard gets the sensation of being touched. It's a real-time interaction. Cool right?

We understand there is probably no market for this, and frankly my dear, we don't give a damn.

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