Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pani's Mini-Coop

I was really getting tired of Pani's little dog crate house, so I decided to turn the old table saw table that we had into a little mini-coop for her! I used the old metal table frame, some scrap plywood, some roofing paper, old tin sheeting and a piece of semi transparent fiberglass... I think it came out pretty nicely! Eventually I'm planning on using this for a "Silkie Love-Shack!" so I thought the love bird artwork was fitting. (As is the tin roof... if anyone remembers the lyrics to "Love Shack"!!)

The other chicks love to nap underneath the mini-coop. They spend a lot of time under there in the afternoon when the sun is shining from that direction.

Monday, June 16, 2008

We Have An Egg!!!

Panyah laid her first egg today! I was working on her new mini-coop and glanced over into her run... There is was... sitting in the dirt in the middle of the run! I was so excited!!!! I don't think she knew what was happening.. this is her first egg.

The shell is VERY thin but normally a hens first egg is small and odd in some way. She is a bantam chicken so her eggs will be smaller than other "normal" chickens anyway. I think she stepped on it which is why it's dented. When I picked it up it was very soft and felt like it wanted to collapse. I've given her some oyster shells in her food and am going to the feed store ASAP to get her some "big girl" food (AKA: layer pellets). They have more calcium than normal chicken scratch or grower feed.


Friday, June 6, 2008

First Day Outside!

The chickies had their first day outside today and LOVED it!!!!!! Once they were brave enough to go out the door that is... :) Here are some pictures... Enjoy!!

"Is it safe?"

"What did you find?"
NOT Impressed!!!!

Tessa wanted to "get" them SO BAD!!
Check out the mohawk!
Mmmm.... grass!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Got My Hatchery Replacement Chicks!

I got my new babies! ALL OF THEM WERE ALIVE!! They even stuck 4 extras in the box! (Must have felt guilty because of the last shipment!). We got some new breeds... I'm not really sure what they all are though... other than CUTE! The males are even marked with "stylish" blue paint. Makes life a little easier for me!

They have all been sucking down the sugar water and the feed... They even seem friskier than the last bunch. They must have had a kinder truck driver this time.

Here are some pictures! Enjoy!

The older girls checking out the newbies
What a BIG difference 3 weeks makes!!
Lakenvelder Cockerels

Danish Brown Leghorn Cockerels

"Easter Egger" Cockerels

Mystery Pullet #1

Mystery Pullet #2
Mystery Pullet #3Gratuitous Silkie Shot!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

4 New Chicks, Others Getting Big-Girl Feathers!

Because three of my silkies that I got from a local breeder died so young she replaced them for me. I picked them up yesterday. I asked her for some "started" chicks this time so that they had a better chance of being healthy. Because she only had two "colored" silky babies she gave me two cochin babies as a bonus! So now instead of three new babies I have four! They are all about 5 days old. Here are some pictures of them from their first few hours home.

Black Cochin & Splash/Partridge Silkie
Black Cochin Getting a Drink
Black Silkie


The older babies look so BIG next to the new ones! I didn't realize how much they had grown!

Older White Cochin
Check out the red chest feathers!
This one looks like she'll be silver
Big Feet & LONG Legs!
HEY! WAKE UP!The replacement chicks from the hatchery shipped out yesterday! They'll be here any day now!can't wait to see those babies next to their older relatives! It's AMAZING how fast they grow!!