Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hey kids! Do you want a bunny?

Well, we're going to eat her babies.
Um.... WHAT?!?!

So my two step-daughters Chey (11) and Maddie (8) have pet rabbits at their mom's house.  I stress PET.  So a few months ago my husband and I told them that we were planning on getting one or two rabbits this spring (aka: now!).

They were SO excited... until I started laying out the ground rules.

1) They will live outside
2) We will choose the breeds
3) We will get a male and a female
4) I will let you keep ONE female from the first litter
5) We are going to eat all of the other babies

WHOAH! #5 was a shocker.  Luckily the girls are pretty open minded and have grown up in an area where there are a lot of farms.  We've agreed that we will "make the meat" on a weekend when the girls aren't here and in return they have agreed to try it (Although Maddie said that she is "going to cry the whole time she's eating dinner".

We'll see Maddie!  You're very brave to try and I know that you're going to be so proud that we made this meat ourselves. I'm envisioning a dinner with veggies from the garden and a nice rabbit stew as the centerpiece.

Thanks for agreeing to try. Hopefully this sticks after you've seen the babies.

We bought a chest freezer last month. We will hopefully be buying a hutch (or two) within the next month and a young rabbit (or two) soon after. We'll see how it goes!  I'm excited to potentially be getting back into the game and to be teaching kids at the same time!