Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Got My Hatchery Replacement Chicks!

I got my new babies! ALL OF THEM WERE ALIVE!! They even stuck 4 extras in the box! (Must have felt guilty because of the last shipment!). We got some new breeds... I'm not really sure what they all are though... other than CUTE! The males are even marked with "stylish" blue paint. Makes life a little easier for me!

They have all been sucking down the sugar water and the feed... They even seem friskier than the last bunch. They must have had a kinder truck driver this time.

Here are some pictures! Enjoy!

The older girls checking out the newbies
What a BIG difference 3 weeks makes!!
Lakenvelder Cockerels

Danish Brown Leghorn Cockerels

"Easter Egger" Cockerels

Mystery Pullet #1

Mystery Pullet #2
Mystery Pullet #3Gratuitous Silkie Shot!


Sabrina said...

Poor Paulywog

Kelly said...

Haha... he loves them! I catch him out there playing with the babies all the time :D