Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sad Silkie News... But Nice Pics to Make Me Feel Better

Well, the last small silkie died the other day... I was so sad. The breeder has offered to replace the three babies that died. The remaining silkie (who is a week or two old) and the cochin are thriving and mixing well with the other babies.

On to happier things! Since the new babies from the hatchery will be shipped out on June 2nd and I had the plexiglass panel in place on the brooder for a while I thought it was time to integrate the hen with the babies.

WELL... she wasn't that bad. She pecked at them a little bit but didn't chase them. The problem was that the chicks were so afraid of her that they wouldn't go near the feeders and stayed in the corner. Whenever they came out of the corner she would herd them back and sit there watching them. When she lived at the farm she was in a chain link dog kennel with a dog house to roost in at night... So she is now out in the run with a dog kennel to sleep in, at least until the babies get a little bigger.

(The dog crate is now up on stilts and covered with a tarp... she likes that better!)

Meanwhile the babies are LOVING all the room! They are pecking everywhere, "sparring" (figuring out the pecking order) and digging through the chips. They are having a blast.

I added plastic strips around the chicken and people doors to keep the drafts out and have hung a solar night light in the coop. Chickens are attracted to the light and will make them more likely to come home to roost once they are allowed outside.

They have even figured out the "big kids" feeder and waterer! They are so smart!

Naptime :)

I have been working hard putting in a veggie garden... it's definitely got to be bigger next year! We've even put in 2 grape vines! One concord and one seedless green. We also have a small windmill that was made by my BFs father... Don't FARMS have windmills?

Right now we have a dwarf macintosh and a plum tree. We are planning on getting another apple and maybe a peach or a pear (probably both :)

The flowers are still blooming like crazy around here!! I was talking to my MIL and have her 3/4 of the way convinced that we should get some Guinea Fowl to keep the ticks, Japanese beetles and other insect populations down... *evil grin*

That's all for now. The new chickies are being shipped on Monday! I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope I have a loud box when I get to the post office this time... Cross your fingers for me!!

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