Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Rabbit Thinks He's In Heaven

Just a quick (non-chick) related note. I finished putting up the welded wire fence and decided to let Chubs "check the perimeter". He is having a BLAST out there!

Tessa, om the other hand, is NOT HAPPY! She is very jealous!

Before the chicks are let loose in here I will be running a half-buried border of one inch chicken wire to make the openings smaller and to keep anything from digging into the run. I'll also be adding a big net to the top to keep the hawks out!

As a happy mistake the new guy at the feed store sold me "high tensile" welded wire instead of the usual lighter weight stuff! So I saved about $40... It was really hard to put up, but it'll last a LOT longer! It's really thick!!

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Tara said...

your rabbit is hot