Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Chicks Have Arrived!

Well, I went to the post office yesterday morning and they had my box of chickens! The lady that works there was peeking in the box and looked worried... the box was too quiet. She asked "How many did you order??" . It turns out that 14 out of the 25 were dead in the box (including the 2 special roosters I ordered).

When I got home I got them out of the box ASAP. One of them looked half dead and I was worried that she wouldn't survive. But this morning she is hopping around and eating! She is a little slower, smaller, and I think dumber, then the rest... but I think she's going to live!

I called the hatchery and will be getting a full replacement order on June 2nd. This Saturday I am going to a local breeder to pick up a few Silkies... They are ADORABLE! They are great mothers (even the roosters will hatch babies!) so if we want to hatch some eggs next year these Silkies will be the ones to do it!

They will look like this when they're grown... except that I am getting some different, rarer, colors... probably just one white one (which is the original color)...

Well, ANYWAY! Here are some pictures of my current babies!! Enjoy!

This is their brooder... all nice and toasty!

My boyfriend, who has been completely disinterested in the whole chicken idea (and has told me several times to stop talking about chickens!!)... LOVES them!! (Even though he won't admit it). He's already spent 4 or five sessions with them... and when I say "WITH THEM" I mean it! Look...

Yes, he is in the brooder with them! They climb all over him and peck his toes.. haha.. it's so cute!!

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amicalechica said...

the chicks are so cute, looks like you'll be hands full for quite awhile!! :)