Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Typical Snowy Morning

"Come on Mom!!!!!"
(Yes, that is a Steelers jacket!)

"Get with it Lady! Feed Us!!!"

"Oh yeah, nom nom nom..."
"Oooh! Am I getting fed! YAY!"
(This is why we call him Chuckles)

"Hey, is that midget getting some food?
What is it? I'm not sure I approve!"
"Me either, lets check this out..."
"What about US?!?!?!"
"Oh sure, feed the bachelors last, we see how it is..."

Now, finally, it's time for MY breakfast!


Jennifer said...

Love the video of Chuckles, too cute and breakfast looks good. :)

Anonymous said...

what time do you collect eegs and how long can they stay in their nest before they go bad?? we have buffs, and they are starting to lay now.. also how do i get my other hens to lay so far i only have 3 out of 12 hens that lay will they all lay?

also you can email me at

Kelly said...

Hi Anonymous!

I collect them every day.. usually in the morning, and since I'm out in the coop several times a day I end up collecting throughout the whole day.

I would think that the hotter the day is the more often you'd want to check, but they won't go bad in a day. If it is really cold (like during this coming winter) you don't want them to freeze, they will split and be no good.

As for "getting your hens to lay" you really just have to wait. Some girls just take longer to "get going" than others. It's not guaranteed that they WILL all lay, but it is unlikely that they won't. Patience is the name of the game!!! (I know, it stinks).

Good luck with your girls!!!

Kelly said...

Oh! One more thing! Check this out!

If you are worried that your eggs might have spoiled try this trick!