Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Bunny Aside...

Hey... if any of you rabbit people out there are having a hard time finding hutch and/or buck cards.... here are mine! You can download them to Excel or whatever and edit them for your own use. Merry Christmasish.

Hutch Cards:

Buck Card:


Vyache said...
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Lori Dupre Jackson said...

Can I just say THANK YOU for posting your chicken coop design on the BYC page. I have the EXACT same building and couldn't get my creativity going well enough to make it nice. THANK YOU! Oh, and the "Watch my EE Pullet grow up" in your sidebar is HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

Lori: You're very welcome! Hopefully I will have some new things to post about in the next year or two... I'm plotting and planning to restart my farm adventures! I'm glad my coops plans helped you have some happy chickens! :)

jim said...

Kelly: I am looking for chicken stencils and the only ones I've seen that I like were on your page on the Backyard Chickens website. The stencils were on wood or particle board partway down the had an egg under it. Do you sell those or can you tell me where I can buy them?


Kelly said...

Hi Candy!

I didn't buy those stencils... I got them out of Microsoft Word. I printed them and cut the images out with an Xacto knife... Then used them as stencils with a can of spray paint! I know, very red-neck.. but it worked!! :) If you do that just make sure the paper is close to the surface you are spray painting or you'll get some fuzzy edges!

Have fun!!