Monday, February 9, 2009

The Boys Last Day...

This morning I went to the store and bought some freezer bags for the boys. I was planning on butchering them this afternoon, once the sun came out. As I was waiting for the clouds to blow away I got a phone call. The man I had been talking to about getting a Californian buck was calling me to see if I still had the two boys available! Talk about saved by the bell! About 20 minutes after he called the sun came out. If he had called any later they would have been bunny burgers!!!

BUT... when he showed up to get the boys he had a TRUCKLOAD of rabbits... Yes, I gave in to temptation... I traded one of the boys for this ADORABLE rex doe. Isn't she CUTE? They have really short dense fur that makes them feel like velvet. Plus, they are commonly used as meat rabbits! SCORE! I'm going to breed her with Sonny and see what happens. (Since Sonny is an albino all the babies will have their mothers coloring - hopefully they'll inherit the texture too!). I have a sneaking suspicion that she is already pregnant though... she has a HUGE stomach and her little teats are sticking through her fur. I put a nest box in there just to be on the safe side. We'll see!! (She was sold to the dealer as part of a foursome - 3 girls and 1 boy - so if she is preggers they will probably be purebred!)

So the boys were saved and I have a new girl! Since I haven't had much time with her yet, she's still unnamed. Any ideas?


Wendy said...

Chestnut. I'd name her Chestnut ;). She's a beauty!

We have three bunnies - 2 girls and a boy. I'm not sure of the breeds. They were "pet" rabbits being sold at our local feed store, but I'm sure they'll be fine as "bunny burger breeders" :).

Jennifer said...

I think Chestnut is a beautiful name for here as suggested from the poster above :)

Anonymous said...

Cute rabbit. I saw your coop design on and I'm using it as a model for the one i'm building. I have had rabbits before as pets (rescued from the humane society). What breed to you raise for food. All I have on my hobby farm now are chickens but looking to add something. I have included my email if you would like to make suggestions.


Kelly said...

Hi Audley!

I raise New Zealand Whites for meat, but I'm looking to add a Californian buck to the "herd" because I've heard that the NZ-Cali hybrids are faster growers than either of their parents. So once I track down a Cali buck I'm going to give that a try. I bought this little Rex female sort of on a whim, but I think I'm going to get a couple more. Her fur is so nice, I'd like to raise a few of those and see what kind of fur they produce.

Anonymous said...

How about Cashmere?