Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We had our first big snow last night and I found a really good reason NOT to use bird netting over the top of the run...
I went to check on the roosters in their little house (it was about 10:00AM) and they were still in there! I threw them some cracked corn and checked on them a few more times. They didn't come out all day!The hens were all locked up until I was able to get all of that heavy wet netting removed... Then I opened the pop-hole expecting them to charge out like they always do. There was a massive rush to the door (per usual) but then a big traffic jam. They would NOT go out! They did eat a little of the snow though... after an hour of looking at it.

Our hens are really starting to lay! This one settled in to 4 different nest boxes before she left a HUGE egg... I mean it was MASSIVE. I picked it up and it reminded me of a duck egg. Not bad for her first! (Oh, and if you're wondering about the wall art... its a recycled doll house! They LOVE IT!)
I cheated a little here... this is her egg compared with a silkie egg (which are small) But seriously, this egg had some WEIGHT!
One last funny note. I was wondering why Blueberry hadn't laid any more eggs... Well I found out this morning. Underneath one of the banks of nest boxes there is a "floorboard" I put in to keep them from laying under there. This morning I heard someone in there rustling around. At first I thought it was a big mouse, then I heard a cluck. I pried the board away and there was Blueberry... sitting on 3 eggs and ready to lay another one!! Good thing I caught her! I REALLY don't want chicks in December!


S Vandemore said...

Kelly, I know the netting is a pain in the butt when you get a wet snow, but if you have any predators around, like cats, raccoons, owls, hawks, or possums, the netting will keep these bad things out... just a helpful hint from someone who learned the hard way. Usually, the snow will blow off as soon as you get any breeze, or will melt, or you can knock it off with a pole or stick. Of course, you do what is best for you, but I'm just speaking from experience. Take care.

Vyache said...

We got a huge egg too!

I'll second the netting staying on, ravens killed seven of eight of our first batch of chickens because i hadn't put netting over the top yet.

Susan (Chicken Spaghetti) said...

Lovely pics of the snow and your chickens. Our two hens would not step out of the coop onto the snow today--just stayed inside all day long. I think they were expecting room service.