Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Is Here!

The leaves are changing, the nights are getting cooler and rooster are coming out of the woodwork! As it turns out we have 13 roosters!! Can you believe it?? I had to build a bachelor pen to keep some of them in so they weren't all pestering the hens. We are going to keep 5 roosters.. Most of the others are going to live with a nice older man who likes to keep roosters as pets. He has a lot of land and a chicken guarding dog to watch over them. But for now, they are staying in quarantine. We are keeping "Hans and Frans" the 2 big white easter eggers as pets who we will let roam around during the day.

The Bachelor Pad
Choo Choo with HIS emerging comb.
He has a tiny little crow too (we're keeping him!)
Rambo - He's going to be VERY handsome!
Hans or Frans... Can't tell them apart!!
Audrey Hepburn who THANKFULLY looks to be a hen!
Our still unnamed Danish Leghorn

Last but not least in my latest news... Cher looks like she is FINALLY preggers! She has been gathering up any straw or grass that we've given her and has been lining her nest box with it. She has never done this before so I'm HOPING we'll have some babies in the next week or so! Cross your fingers!!!
Here's "The Dane" again... I thought this was a funny picture...
Looks like he's sticking out a massive tongue!

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