Friday, October 17, 2008

The Bunnies are One Week Old Today!

The bunnies are getting HUGE! I had a little scare yesterday... I noticed that the mother rabbit was sitting up on the open partition door and using it as a toilet (YUCK!) so I decided to close it and shut her into the side where her babies are. Well, she was NOT happy! While I was elsewhere, she dug and dug at the bottom of the door and was able to rip the bottom mesh away from the wood. When I came back to check on her she was hopping around the yard! I caught her and closed her into the secure section of the cage until I fixed the bottom. I got my hammer and fence staples and started fixing it (by climbing under the hutch). While I was under there I saw one of the babies lying in the grass! He was still alive (but very cold and a little blue!). I stuck him right back in the nest box - he's still in there and is doing fine! I think he latched on to her while he was nursing and was dragged out of the nest-box - then he fell out of the hole she had ripped in the floor. *SIGH!* Needless to say I've reinforced the floor and have decided to let her have her elevated bathroom - for now. Once the babies are gone she's in for a shock though!! If all goes well with this litter I think we'll be getting another female, so I'll have to close that door. I'll need the space!

Anyway! They are just a week old today and have doubled in size! It's amazing! They are SO wiggly now I had a really hard time getting a picture!

In other news, I've let the bachelors out to roam the yard. They are having a BLAST destroying our gardens and eating the grass. They are sticking around and seem to be REALLY enjoying themselves!!
This was a nicely mulched flower bed...


Abby said...

Hi Kelly, I love your bunnies. We had a litter of lop-ear when Alisa and Matt were young. They were the cutest baby animals that I had ever seen. They were like little wind up toys that came to life. When my collie gave birth I was taking a nap. I woke up to puppy sounds and ran down and there were puppies all over the concrete (cold) floor. The only puppy that was warm was the one that climbed into a vent in the furnace. We called her hotstuff. But they were all fine. I'm glad your baby that ended up on the ground is ok too. I'll try to get pictures of all our babies emailed to you soon. Hope you are feeling ok. Love, Abby

Anonymous said...

Wow! The babies are beautiful! I am glad that the little one that fell out of the nest is doing well =).