Friday, October 24, 2008

Our First Egg (From our chicks) and Bunnies at 2 Weeks!

Yesterday one of our black sex link pullets (who we call Blueberry) was clucking up a storm in the coop, digging around in one of the nest boxes and tucking the fake eggs underneath her. We KNEW she was getting ready to lay an egg, she just was taking her own sweet time... I checked on her all day until it was dark... nothing! But this morning, on the floor, was this nice little pale brown egg! HOORAY! This is the first egg from a hen we've raised from a chick.
The bunnies are 2 weeks old today. Their eyes are open and they are getting HUGE! They are so adorable. Because they've grown so much I had a much easier time counting them. There are 6. They should be coming out of the nest box soon. Cher has been an EXCELLENT mom!

My MIL and I went out to the hutch and she wanted to hold one. She was trying to see if it was a girl or a boy.. I said "Don't aim that end at your face!" and POW the little guy peed on her. She hurried up and put him back in the box. I said "You should have held on to that one... he's empty!"


S Vandemore said...

Congratulations on your first egg! Isn't it great? My hens are getting pretty old now and when the days get shorter, they usually shut down for the year -- I guess it's their version of going on vacation. I get more eggs from the guineas, as they are a little younger. The eggs are considerable smaller and the shell is much thicker than a hen's egg, but they taste just a good.

The bunnies are adorable! Now how are you going to bring yourself to eat those little guys?

Kelly said...

It is exciting! We've been getting eggs from Clara (silkie) and Pani (sultan), but we got both of them when they were older... This egg is from one of our little babies! It'll taste much better :)

As for the bunnies... I know... They are so cute... I'm hoping they get really ugly and mean during the next 8 weeks...

Oh, and our "keeper" number has gone from one to two... Their cuteness is wearing on us.. So we'll be keeping 2 of the girls for breeders... but the hutch I'm building will have 3 compartments... Hmmm... :D

S Vandemore said...

I notice you have a Welp hatchery badge on your site. Is that where you got your chicks? I have used them before, but usually go with McMurray Hatchery, as they have such a large collection and great bargain assortments. I know I'll be tempted in the spring to get some more -- but not sure just yet. BTW, your parrot is beautiful. We've had our cockatiel for about ten years now -- he's cute sometimes, but mostly just annoying. :)

Kelly said...

Yup, I got them from Welp. The chicks have been really great. This was my first time ordering and they had the breeds I wanted, so I went with them.

Papito is a little pain in the butt, haha, he's a riot. He's about 17 years old and he talks up a storm. I'm the only one who can handle him, he thinks I'm his mate.. anyone else he bites and tells them to "STOP IT!" if they come near me or him! He's a pied, which is rare with his breed. I like him a lot :) But he annoys the heck out of everyone else around here :)