Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mini-Farm Ideas are Forming!

Hi All!

So I've decided to start planning my VERY mini farm project here in the Adirondacks.  We are going to build a very small chicken coop, closer to a chicken "tractor" really.. Our yard here is very small, and I want something that can come with us when we move.  I am planning on finding 4 or 5 hens and sticking with that number until we have more land for more CHICKENS! (And, of course, other animals).

I found a GREAT little coop online that I'm going to reinvent and build myself.  I can't really see spending $400 on it from the manufacturer.  Especially when there are a few things I would change about it.

So, here it is!
Cute huh?


Jennifer said...

Its very cute =)

Reese said...

That is a great idea. I always long for having a mini farm to own. I love pets and to start with, I have purchased rabbit hutches and soon I hope that I can make my very own chicken coop as well.