Friday, December 5, 2008

Transporting Eggs In Your Suitcase

The Mighty Adventurer

Yeah, I did! I am visiting my parents back home and wanted to bring them some "real" eggs... but with all the restrictions on what you can bring on an airplane I was a little nervous. I called the airline and was told that I wasn't allowed to bring the eggs in my carry-on... but I could in my checked luggage! (What, are these eggs or hand grenades?!?) Anyway, just to be on the safe side I overpacked... I brought 4 dozen eggs in egg cartons (I have soft-sided suitcase!). Each egg carton was wrapped in papertowels then taped into it's own garbage bag. Then I nestled them nicely into my clothes and PRAYED!

Guess what? ONLY 5 BROKE!! Crazy right? Oh, and paper/cardboard cartons hold up better in cargo holds than the foam ones. All of the eggs that broke were in foam egg cartons.

The luggage inspectors must have thought I was mental!! :)

Since I didn't have any farm-ish pictures to share... I decided to share a picture of me in the Nanook of the North early Christmas present my mom got me :) I LOVE IT!

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bethany said...

that is awesome!! :) eggs in your suitcase.