Monday, November 24, 2008


Check out all of the eggs we have... YIKES! I got a book with 200 egg recipes the other day and we need to start cooking! Once all of the chickens start laying consistenly we will be posting a sign near the road offering eggs for sale and a local organic market will be buying them from me for resale.

The scary thing is, the Americaunas just started laying today... and most of our hens are Americaunas! That means only about 12 of the 30-40 hens are laying now. When they all start laying we'll be buried!!

This basket has about 6 dozen eggs in it!
Aren't they pretty?
We got our first blue and our first green egg today.

Look at the MASSIVE ones to the right!!! One of our girls lays a double yolker every day... and they are HUGE!


bethany said...

I have a couple questions: how old are your americaunas now?? Did they all just start laying? I have some that are almost 29 weeks and they are still not laying!

I have other breeds that are all laying, and one EE that is, and has been for months...but none of the others are!

Any advice?

Kelly said...

Hi Bethany!

They are just over 6 months old... From what I've heard the Americaunas can take a while to get going. Our Black Sex Links and our Brown Leghorns, who are a month younger than most of our Americaunas started laying almost a month ago!

So you have to wait a while to get those pretty eggs... but don't worry, it's normal. I have almost 20 Ameries and I just got my first (and so far only) colored eggs yesterday. Just think how exciting it'll be when you do finally get them!! :)

Susan said...

Hi Kelly, I've been following your blog for a while. I came over from BYC where I don't hang out much anymore. Too busy blogging!

What a beautiful bowl of eggs! I only have 15 hens and they're averaging 10 eggs a day which is enough for us, our two kids' families and an occasional giveaway to a neighbor or friend. I have 2 Easter-eggers. One lays green eggs and the other lays almost pink ones. Go figure! That one took forever to start laying, too.

We used to live in western PA also--Cranberry Township in Butler County. We lived there 5 years until 2000 when we moved to central Ohio. We loved it there.

Kelly said...

Hi Susan!

I've been to Cranberry Township many many MANY times! It's not that far from us.

I haven't been on BYC in a while either... bad me!

It's so nice to know people (other than my family) are enjoying my blog. I love writing it!

I think we're getting a pink egg too.. it's sort of pinkish brown - I almost confused it with one of my brown eggs, but it does look decidedly "mauve" :)