Sunday, August 3, 2008

Plague Strikes!

So about 10 days ago I noticed that one of the younger cockerels was squinting. Then I saw another one closing his eye. I thought that they were fighting (like boys do) and had poked each other. But, as the days went on I noticed that the eyes were bubbly and getting a little crusty.

I grabbed the 2 perps and separated them, each in their own little dog crate. I added vitamins and antibiotics to their water and hoped for the best.

Over the next 2 days there really wasn't any improvement. I also noticed 2 more chicks with the same thing - so they were removed from the main coop and added to the dog crates.

Thanks to the EXCELLENT people on the BYC Forum (see links to the right) I was able to discuss the problem with people who had "been there" and found out what to do. I went to Tractor Supply and got some injectable Tylan 50 (anti-microbial, bacterial, biotic) and some terrimycin eye ointment. Because of the forum I knew that 1/2cc was the normal dose for a chicken - so I gave my little ones 1/4cc once a day for 5 days. I also flushed their eyes with saline and applied the ointment daily. I saw almost an IMMEDIATE improvement!!! I was so happy!

Now I won't post pics of the sick chickens... because some of them are pretty gross - but if you want to see what it looks like click here. Here is a pic of one of the easter-egger cockerels when he was almost all better :)
Now I've released 3 of them back to the flock - they look GREAT! But, I'm keeping the Lakenvelder cockerel for a while longer. The infection is gone, but he has a big scab over his right eye and I need to get it open so it doesn't heal shut. He still has a ways to go. I'll keep you updated!!

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